10 Suspicious Things That Just Don’t Look Right

#1 Where do you get life advice?

Well, there’s this bus… It knows things.

suspicious things 1

#2 You’d think this would make sense…

Then you remember you never actually read these signs.

suspicious things 2

#3 Was he practicing his ninja skills?

If he was, that’s an excellent slice.

suspicious things 3

#4 Whoever drew this wasn’t familiar with wildlife.

Cause that looks just wrong!

suspicious things 4

#5 It really is supposed to say ‘Artistic Kiddies’

And it does, but the order… It’s killing me!

suspicious things 5

#6 Think about it for a second.

You got it didn’t you?

suspicious things 6

#7 No one said move the cone.

It did NOT say “move the cone” in the job description.

suspicious things 7

#8 An actual post from CNN on Castro’s death.

Proofreading is not a stronger side of this person.

suspicious things 8

#9 Imagine everyone speaking like this in Spanish.

Spanish Spanish Spanish, Spanish Spanish! Spanish Spanish…

suspicious things 9

#10 No Zayah, I think bae’s got rabbies!

Next time bring an excorcist!

suspicious things 10

Source: trending-buzzz.net