Scary Stories Behind The Most Unsettling Events In History

Our history is full of sad events that mostly center around disturbed people and criminals who have committed horrendous crimes. Unfortunately, some parts of history are not only cruel but creepy and downright terrifying.

No one can deny that humans are more than capable of committing gruesome things, but some people are so disturbed their acts always find a way to mess with minds of people.

Over the years, acts of cruelty and violence have increased so much it is literally impossible to escape from them. As per usual, Reddit users summed up the creepiest and scariest true-story events in human history.

Child of rage, sent by j_stack

Child of Rage is an HBO documentary about a 6-year-old with reactive attachment disorder. Little Beth repeatedly tortured animals, molested her brother and attempted to kill her adoptive parents.

unsettling events and stories 1

She entered their bedroom at night with a knife and tried to take their lives. The unsettling documentary shows Beth calmly telling her therapist about the numerous incidents – it is extremely creepy and sad.

Dr. Marcel Petiot, sent by do_a_flip

During WWII a French doctor promised to help Jewish refugees leave Europe. When they came to his home on the day of the departure, they brought their most precious belongings and in return, he would give them a special “vaccine” because they were going to South America.

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However the vaccine would kill them instantly, and he would take their stuff. He even made some of the wealthier Jews pay an insanely high fee for his help. He used acid to dissolve their corpses in his basement.

The Jonestown Recording, sent by AutumnMusick

Jim Jones recorded his speech on the night at Jonestown where hundreds of people committed mass suicide by drinking juice laced with cyanide.

unsettling events and stories 3

The recording of the delirium is so chilling because you can literally hear people dying in the background while he’s delivering his speech.

The Original Night Stalker, sent by rll87

In the mid-70s a serial rapist performed a series of home-invasion rapes in Sacramento. He would break into homes during the day and set up guns for his crimes or leave pieces of rope which he would use later for his attack.

unsettling events and stories 4

To make things even more disturbing, he would call his victims before and after their attacks and leave messages. However, he vanisher in 1979 and was never heard of afterward.

Willowbrook, sent by Prodsynth

Willowbrook was an institute for the mentally disabled known located on Staten Island. The majority of the patients living there were left unattended. It was a nightmare. The place was shut down but that was only the beginning.

unsettling events and stories 5

Some years later Andre Rand, a man who attended the facility, kidnapped two girls. Only one of the girls was found and Rand was given the name “Cropsey”, after a myth of the forest-dwelling ax-murderer.

Putting Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes, Reddit user deleted

There was a 101-year-old lady who worked at a stone hovel in South America. She always wore a hood over her head and always talked in a shrill rasping voice. During the day she worked in a meat stall and at night she would hobble back to her house wearing a full-length gown.

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After an earthquake happened, people went to her house to check in on her, but instead, they found a 14-year-old girl whose grandmother had died years ago. Apparently, the girl cured and gutted her grandmother’s body, took the skin, and wore it so she could work and maintain her status in the community. Shortly after that, she vanished.

The Death of Tim McLean, sent by laryrose

In 2008, a man fell asleep on a Greyhound bus going on a cross-country trip through Canada. A mysterious man sat next to him and decapitated him. If that didn’t give you chills, the following will: he then began eating his flesh.

unsettling events and stories 7

The man who did the appalling deed was caught but found not guilty. He was sentenced to a mental facility instead. Apparently, he is now released back into the public.

allers from 9/11, Reddit user deleted

During the terrorist attacks on 9/11, Kevin Cosgrove was on the phone with 911 operators – his call was being recorded as the tower came down.

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The recording is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s probably one of the only things you can find on the internet that can really chill anyone to the core.