Signs That Your Loved One’s Ghost Is Haunting You

There are a lot of people out there who believe that when we pass away, our souls move towards the heavens through the white light. Leading out to a safe, peaceful place that provides contentment.

But there are beloved people that we left behind. And realistically speaking, I doubt there are cell phones in another dimension or world. There is no earthly way to contact them. Or have imaginary portals that make us travel back and forth through these worlds.

It is commonly known that after our loved ones pass away, we feel connected to them through our dreams. In a very typical manner, we see spirits of our loved ones surrounded in a beam of light. But at the same time, they feel and seem as real as it gets, just like other things in the dream.

These dreams are so clear that sometimes they end up haunting you in many ways

But not in such a beautiful way, and as you wake up, there are some details that you will remember down to each detail. Regardless of how much time passes, you will still remember them.

when your loved one passes 1

Out of all the details, the importance needs to be given to the things and signs that were vivid in the dream

And if the nature of the goal was towards reality and less dream-like, some chances was not out of your subconscious, and it was a visitation from your loved one.

when your loved one passes 2

You might not see or meet your beloveds exactly the way they were

Especially when they died due to an illness, and you saw them in a deteriorating state.

when your loved one passes 3

The spirits of your loved ones, be it your family, friends, lovers or even pets – they mostly will appear to be in good health. The product of this interaction will not bring more distress to you; it will calm you down and give you closure.

The spirits are always trying to give you a message, and it’s not necessary that it is verbal

But in all ways, you will understand what the message is very clearly. Regardless of how it has been communicated to you.

when your loved one passes 4

Spirits might even directly talk to you or even give you messages for other people

But all in all, the purpose of this is to give you comfort and in some ways are telling you that they are doing fine and in some means in the right place.

when your loved one passes 5

So the question arises, why is it that these spirits use dreams to be a form to communicate?

Well, the simple answer to this question is that sleep is the only thing that helps us travel through the dimensions of the world and hereafter. It is the only time when our rational thinking is shut down, and we make ourselves susceptible to things that are unworldly.

when your loved one passes 6

It’s not very easy for spirits to contact people through their dreams

But when they make the effort of contacting you, it is always because they want to tell you something and finish something that has yet not ended. The unfinished business needs to be dealt with it peacefully give for closure.

when your loved one passes 7

This whole process is very reassuring and gives peace

But there are times that the spirits of your beloveds try to warn you about something bad that is about to happen and you do not know of, but they do.

when your loved one passes 8

After years some researchers and experts are trying to unravel how these spiritual visitations take place

But people who had an interest in paranormal activities have been researching in this field for a very long time. They think that the code to all this communication is coming from the Ajna center.

when your loved one passes 9

Or in other words, the center of your eyebrows – where the metaphorical or not so metaphorical ‘third eye’ is.

We might think all these dreams are always visitations, but that is not always true.

Most of the times, there are thoughts in your subconscious that are playing out like a movie. So it very quickly can make you see things that are important in your life or you have been thinking about them.

when your loved one passes 10

The fact that you keep seeing your grandmother in your dream could mean that you require a female figure in your life.

Some people also believe that visitations are not just for dead people

People who believe in spirits of animals or angels for that matter might want to be in communication with you.

when your loved one passes 11

But these dreams are nothing you should be afraid of

The majority of the people with these dreams feel very relaxed after having such dreams. They have a very comforting sense about it all after it ends.

when your loved one passes 12

Unlike all the horrifying movies that you have seen and how spiritual encounters turn bloody – that is just fiction. Our loved ones are not hostile or dangerous

You will not find them getting angry at you; they will only bring peace into your life and messages that will calm you down.

when your loved one passes 13

In majority of cases, these dreams are meant to finish a pending long conversation out with a beloved

After the loved one is done saying what they wanted to say, they can also be at peace, and from there they will go to their final resting place.

when your loved one passes 14

If you have to ask whether the visitation dream was a dream, then it probably wasn’t

When you have a visitation dream, you’ll feel it in your gut or your heart. Trust us, if it were one, it would be so real and vivid that you won’t ever question it.

when your loved one passes 15

There are characteristics to these spirits; they are translucent in some ways

And the reason behind them being so is that they are in a real dimension now. They do not possess a physical body.

when your loved one passes 16

We all know how absurd this sounds that dead people are contacting us

In the famous movie called ‘Ghost,’ the main character who had died and was contacting his girlfriend to communicate with her. He even flipped a coin to make her believe that he was not a figment of the imagination.

when your loved one passes 17

These dreams mostly occur to people who have very recently in life lost a loved one

These particular dreamers can go across miles and miles to reunite and even take out information that is critical. But some people only have limited interactions and that too only with dead people.

when your loved one passes 18

Once you have experienced such a dream, you might want to get your hands on a dream catcher

It has hoops on it and strands of horsehair that decorate it. Along with that, there are feathers attached to it and beads. It has come to us from the Native Americans that say that if you own this, you will have real dreams. If nothing, it will help you clean the clutter of your dreams.

when your loved one passes 19

It’s not just your loved ones, there many plenty of entities that would want to contact you

There are things that a person needs, dreams are some ways to get some guidance and some sort of protection. Or a way for the dreamer to realize things that they haven’t.

when your loved one passes 20

There is a possibility that your beloved tried contacting you in other ways also

Like hearing things and the skill to perceive those things or recognize the voice of your dead loved one. But if you have not been catching or understanding those messages then they start to appear in your dreams.

when your loved one passes 21

These dreams are not as the same as the dreams that you get out of your subconscious mind

These dreams only occur when an entity is trying to contact you from another realm or dimension. And when you sleep there are many barriers that fall down making it easier for these spirits to contact you.

when your loved one passes 22

It is extremely imperative for one to control the conscious mind from believing

When you start to pick up these very subtle signs of your beloveds trying to communicate with you and share information, the bond and connection will further harness to the extent that even when you are awake you will feel and sense them in your surroundings.

when your loved one passes 23

There is a certain telepathic ability that you develop and fell when your loved ones are near you

With this special link, you can feel them, even hear them and talk to them without your lips moving.

when your loved one passes 24