This Is How You Can Change Your Eye Color For A Second

How do you change your eye color without the use of cosmetic surgery or colored lenses? All you have to do is go through the optical illusions below before your eyes are ready to watch the final video which will make your eye color exactly what you want it to be.

Even though we discover something new about ourselves every day, science is still proving to us exactly how our brains function. When it comes to optical illusions, it’s difficult to grasp the concept of our brain tricking us into thinking something exists when clearly doesn’t.

Talk about a bad trip in the head

You see, the brain is the only part of our body that thinks and is in absolute control, the fact that it can deceive the other organs such as the eyes into seeing things differently than how they appear is truly fascinating.

Adding color to a black and white picture

The first illusion is about a building with trees on the side that appears in a faded blue color, a kind of filter that we see on our phones when editing pictures. There is a red dot at the center of the picture, and you have to look at it for a minute.

how to change your eye color 1

There is a red dot at the center of the picture, and you have to look at it for a minute. At this point, try hard not to blink or at least try to blink as little as you can. Once the minute is over, look at the picture below. For a few seconds, in the beginning, you will see a colored image instead of the black and white one.

how to change your eye color 2

After that, your eyes adjusted to the actual image that is present before you. Intense, right?

Rubik’s cube that’s impossible to solve

For our second illusion, we have a colorful Rubik’s cube, and you have to count the colors present in the cube. Naturally, you’ll start listing all the colors that you see which include yellow, brown, orange, white, green, blue and red. These make seven so they’re seven colors, right? Wrong!

how to change your eye color 3

There are only six colors. The orange color that you immediately perceive as orange is actually brown. A closer look will clear all doubts. But why did our brain make it seem like it was orange? That is something we are yet to understand.

Moving circles

Our third illusion involves two circles, one inside the other and a dot present at the center. If you stare at the dot and move your face closer to the screen, the circles, which were not moving previously, will start to circulate inside their own lines!

how to change your eye color 4

Moving closer to the screen will make it move clockwise and moving away from the screen will make it move anticlockwise. Once you stop moving, the circles will stop too. Talk about being woozy!

Are the shapes moving one after another?

You’re going to want to take a seat for this one! For this illusion, we take two shapes in different colors and move them across black and white lines which are placed adjacent to the shapes.

how to change your eye color 5

Once the shapes start to move it looks like they are moving one after another, but once the black and white lines are removed, it is evident that they are moving at the same speed. These lines create the illusion that the shapes are not moving at a steady pace.

Can you see all 16 points?


In this sort of challenge, you have to try to see all of the 16 points in this image at once. Can you do it?

how to change your eye color 6

It is nearly impossible as your brain can not focus on so many things at once. You will need to have a super human mental capacity to be able to see all these dots.

The giant man

This man seems like he’s a giant among men or everyone are just miniature in comparison to humans. What do you believe? It has no use of Photoshop in it. So, what could it be? You could say the tall man is standing closer to the camera, but the ground which they are standing on also appears to be the same.

how to change your eye color 7

Well, there lies the illusion. It appears as if they are standing on the same surface, but they are not. The tall man is standing on a ledge of a very similar color to the ground below. You can see the man’s shadow cutting off at the edge.

Look at this spiral

What you probably didn’t realize about this illusion is that this image doesn’t contain a spiral at all, in fact, it contains circles that don’t intersect each other to make a spiral at all.

how to change your eye color 8

The reason why we believe this is a spiral is that of the fact that the circles are made up of small squares, each of which is tilted at a different angle from the one above or below it making it appear as if the circles are a spiral.